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Why Should You Choose Violet Grey For Your Garden Antiques?


Violet Grey has built a positive reputation as one of the leading suppliers of garden antiques in the UK. We are proud that we have many loyal customers and over 100,000 Instagram followers worldwide. Read on to uncover the many benefits of choosing to purchase your garden antiques from us.


1. Authenticity


We only buy authentic items with style, form and originality that sit well in both contemporary and traditional settings.


2. Skilled Delivery


We see the safe and secure delivery of every purchase as a key part of our service. We deliver in the UK and internationally on a not-for-profit basis and only use couriers and shipping companies who are skilled in handling antiques.


3. Sympathetic Restoration


We have a keen focus on the environment and other than light conservation, we only restore pieces when it is required to extend the life of an item, taking the view that signs of ageing are part of the unique beauty and history of a piece.


4. Trend Awareness


We keep an eye on future design trends so that we can offer items in colours, textures and styles when they become more mainstream.


5. Careful Storage


All items are stored in our stock rooms and not outside to ensure every image remains truly representative of the items.


6. Zero Hassle Returns


If your item is not what you expected, doesn’t work in your space, or you simply don’t like it we will arrange for it to be returned to us and issue you with a full refund. It’s as simple as that; no hassle, no fuss, no risk.


Violet Grey stands as a distinguished choice for garden antiques, backed by a stellar reputation and a global community of satisfied customers. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that each item possesses style, form, and originality suitable for contemporary and traditional settings. We hope that from reading this post you feel confident to purchase your next authentic garden antique with us.