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Reimagining Antiques as Unique Planters


The joy of decorative garden antiques is the sheer variety of them. There are the more traditional antique planters such as Castelnaudary urns to 19th century arras plant stands. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to bring authentic pieces of history to your home in less conventional ways. In this post, we will share the beauty of creating garden antiques with pieces originally designed for a completely different purpose.

Antique Food Pots

Many of the pots that we source and use as planters, both indoors and outdoors, were not originally created for greenery. Instead, they were designed to store, transport and preserve food from the land in Southern France. This included salt pots, confit pots and larger biot olive pots.


Antique Food Pots


Antique Grape Hods

French grape hods are used for picking grapes. The hod is worn on the back of the grape picker but we now like their slim profile and wide neck for planting! Due to the flat back, they work especially well against a wall and have a unique patina from the worn metal that contracts beautifully with mixed flowers and trailing foliage.



antique-grape-hod-planters in blue


Antique Ponne Pots

Another example of items that weren't original intended for plants are the antique Ponne pots shown below. These very attractive, large terracotta bowls would have been used to wash clothes in the early 19th century. A washing Ponne has a prominent drainage hole which is good for planting, while their size can support larger forms of foliage such as small trees or shrubs.


Antique Ponne Pots


Antique Zinc Baths

Finally, consider an original 19th Century zinc or copper bath. These can be a beautiful and unique garden feature. The example below is particularly large which invites all sorts of planting schemes and the faux marble exterior is very attractive. It is in very good condition inside and out, has its original plug and would make a great centrepiece if you're looking for a unique garden antique.


Antique Zinc Baths


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