Antique Garden Tables & Chairs

Accent a corner of your garden with our hand-selected antique garden tables & chairs. We pride ourselves on collecting the best examples of Arras and 19th-century tables, with each one having a unique story behind it.

Make your garden one-of-a-kind

Dive into Violet Grey’s collection of hand-picked antique garden tables and chairs, perfect for adding beauty and character to your garden. The craving for garden antiques has increased exponentially in recent years. Antique accents within a garden add interest and character to modern spaces, which have in populated with mass-produced metal furniture and ornaments. All our pieces are 100% original, unique, and fully functional, so you don't have to worry about compromising practicality for charm. These structural and architectural pieces can transform your space with a focal point, and each tells a unique story, creating an amalgamation of the modern with the historical. Curate your own unique outdoor space with our selection of antique garden tables and chairs and enrapture your guests with the history of your furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Spend your mornings lounging on gorgeous wrought iron French cafe chairs, tend to your plants arranged on 19th-century French patisserie tables, or sip a pot of tea from our decadent pair of Italian pedestal tables, discover your own unique style with Violet Grey. The tables, though hundreds of years old, remain designed with the garden in mind; the base of each leg spreads out into a traditional horse's hoof to create a wider base and prevent the table from sinking into the grass on those dewy autumn mornings. The beauty and originality of each piece are sure to charm and delight all those who view it so please take your time when looking through our collections. Reach out to our experts for more information about sourcing a specific piece or for more information about a specific item.

Every care has been taken by our experts to preserve the 100% original features of each piece throughout our preservation and procurement. See individual pieces for date, origin, conditions, and dimensions.

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