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Antique Marble Tables


Discover our collection of antique marble tables. Marble tables have a classic sophistication and timeless elegance. Essentially a crystallised form of stone, marble hails from different quarries and regions all over the world and the marble from each place has its own unique characteristics, from colour to porosity.

You might have seen popular varieties like Carrara marble, which is quarried from Carrara, Italy and has fine veining. But there are actually hundreds of different types. For example: Crema Marfil marble from Spain, Levadia Black marble from Greece, and many more. Because of different salts and minerals in each place, each variety has distinct patterns and colours, from vibrant greens and moody charcoals to metallic accents.

French marble, quarried in the french Hautes-Pyrenees mountains, is well known for its striking colourings and patterns giving it the grandeur which made it so popular for use in places such as the Palace of Versailles and the Georges V hotel in Paris. It's availability spread and marble became a popular worktop due to its elegance and smooth finish. 


Antique Marble Tables


We really enjoy finding unique examples of marble tables that are in great condition with interesting textures and leg detailing. And of course, a fascinating provenance! For example, this beautiful large antique marble table was used in the chocolatiers section within a large boulangerie in the South of France.


antique table


Patisserie tables are particularly decorative, as demonstrated by our two examples below. This marble table retains its brass finials and a decorative lead disc supporting the stretchers on the underside.




These highly detailed legs are typical of the period and what really sets an antique apart from modern reproductions. The attractive cast iron frieze that surrounds the top reveal a lovely patina which contrasts well with the brass decoration.


Antique decorative table


This round 19th-century marble table below has a very attractive cast iron frame that has aged to create an authentic patina that is impossible to recreate.


Round marble antique table


Original marble tables are available in lots of different shapes and sizes, from pieces that could comfortably seat 6-8 to side tables and small circular console tables, there is plenty of variety to chose from.

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