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Bring the outdoors in for Autumn


As the evenings get darker and leaves start to fall, we're all starting to retreat indoors. That doesn't mean that you have to leave your favourite garden antiques out in the cold though. The blend of indoor and outdoor living has never been more on-trend and there is a great opportunity to infuse texture, design and style. From antique pots and urns to decorative garden furniture, we have plenty of pieces to inspire you.


French Antique Furniture

French Antique Furniture

The easiest and perhaps most obvious place to start is with furniture. Consider a marble top table with bistro chairs for a Parisian cafe look or accent a wall with an antique bench or console table usually reserved for the garden. The fabulous thing with antique furniture is how you can easily contrast texture. There is something very special about the unique aesthetic of ironwork complemented with the smooth finish of marble or aged antique wood with a touch of modern textile. This friction between old and new, combined with the provenance of antiques, is something that interior designers strive for to create interest and authenticity to a space.


French Antique Furniture in orangery

Antique Garden Urns

Garden urns are not only a great feature for the exterior but can bring drama to the interior too. With such a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours due to the variety of glazes and unique patinas - there are infinite ways to style these antique pots. Larger styles such as our Anduze Urns or Biot Jars are brilliant for sizeable green foliage and adding dynamic scale to a space. We also enjoy layering a variety of the smaller - but vividly coloured - traditional terracotta of Southern France. For example, the striking yellow confit pots or green castelnaudary pieces.


Decorative Garden Antiques


Decorative Garden Antiques

Animal antiques are a wonderful example of pieces made purely for joy rather than to serve a function and can be used both inside and out. We often enjoy having our decorative antiques indoors as leaving them outside can lead to further damage which isn't always desirable. In the case of these antique owls, they bring an authentic texture and character to a space.


Decorative Garden Antiques


Antique Glass

Wood, terracotta, metal and wicker are all beautiful examples of texture but the final touch that adds lightness to an interior space is glass. We love to collect unique glassware and enjoy the variety of shapes and colours available from antique carafe bottles, vases and bottles. These look equally lovely with sprigs of seasonal foliage or on their own. They are also a great way of unifying a space and work very well styled on small bistro tables that are usually reserved for outdoors.


Glass Antiques


We hope this article has inspired you to make the most of your antique treasures and enjoy them indoors as season gets colder. Remember that if you want to stay up to date with our latest collections and be the first to know about new stock, you just need to sign up to our email list or follow on instagram.