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Gardens adorned with antiques


It will be of no surprise that after the success of hit shows such as Bridgerton and The Gilded Age, regency-core is making a rise, especially when it comes to creating an oasis of opulence at home. Due to this regal aesthetic, Violet Grey Decorative Antiques has seen an increased demand in marble tables, urns and jardinieres and decorative stands and planters. Garden antiques are unique in that they are often more modern than their homeware counterparts, with many originating within the past 100 years. Using antiques such as 1930s swan planters, mixed with 19th Century Orangery Chairs, customers can create a regency aesthetic perfect for any promenade paradise.

Combining the worn and naturally aged look of these garden antiques, along with trailing flowers and greenery, creates a maximalist look and feel which is in-keeping with the excess and adornment of the regency era.


Georgian urns from Violet Grey


Towards the end of the Georgian era, gardens were seen as a place for peace and simplicity. Often parted with paved or rolled gravel paths, marking routes for turns around the garden, these beautiful and carefully crafted oases offered a way to pass the time and encourage conversation. The pathways were often bordered with well-maintained exotic wildflowers or perennials of every size and colour. The newer and more exotic flowers you had in your garden, the more wealth and status you were showing.


Potted plants also came to be popular as the rise in summer houses and covered outdoor seating areas took off. Recreating this now, ornate planters and jardinieres can be used to showcase seasonal flowers, easy to rearrange to refresh the garden as the seasons change.


trio of antique urns


As well as planters, gardens can be decorated with a range of items that add a touch of regency glamour. From birdcages to statues, ornate furniture to beautiful pastel flowers, garden antiques are the perfect way to bring Bridgerton to your garden. A great way to emulate the elegance and sparkle of the regency ballrooms is the use of antique mirrors in garden rooms or gardens. Wrapped in greenery and left to reflect the sunlight, these pieces create the illusion of more space, as well as stolen glances in reflections.


antique birdcage from violet grey


Regency-core can be created in any garden - big or small, mixing decorative antiques and unique pieces, along with beautiful flowers and bushes to add a touch of decadence. Now if only a Viscount would appear to admire the wisteria.