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How Garden Antiques Are Sourced


Acquiring garden antiques requires a combination of expertise, dedication, and knowledge. There are several methods for acquiring garden antiques and this article will outline where to go and what to look out for:


Car Boot Sales


This is a recommendation for those with an eager eye. Please only commit to purchases at a car boot sale if you know what you’re looking for and have knowledge on the subject. You don’t want to run the risk of securing a fake or inauthentic item.


While you may occasionally stumble upon a great deal, be prepared to invest a significant amount of time sifting through various car boot sales before you strike gold.




At an auction, you can expect to pay a buyer's premium of up to 35% on the hammer price plus additional storage and collection costs. Most auctions are now online which has made bidding very competitive and you may often see prices exceeding retail levels.


Be sure to exercise caution to avoid overpaying in the heat of the moment. Set yourself a budget and/or keep in mind how much each item is truly worth.


General Antique Fairs


Before attending, be aware that it’s entirely up to the buyer to determine if an item is genuine and value for money. You are unlikely to receive expert advice, so be careful.


On the day, you’ll need to be up and ready to browse early, the competition for the best prices can be fierce. Unfortunately, this means mistakes can be made. Ensure you’re not overpaying for an antique in the heat of the moment.


Professional Antiques Fairs


There is greater regulation at these events, giving you the peace of mind that each item for sale has been professionally assessed by independent experts before becoming available.. You can be assured that what you’re buying is genuine and described accurately. You can also ask for more information, as the professionals will likely be able to tell you the story behind each piece.




Issues such as authenticity, availability, pricing and competition can pose significant hurdles when sourcing antiques throughout. Dealers are often the best, most certain way to buy antique pieces as the hard work has been done for you.


We always advise that you seek out dealers that work with an accredited trade body membership (e.g. LAPADA). Plus, find an antique dealer that has a speciality in a field, style, or era to get access to the best pieces and prices.


Make a unique statement


To succeed, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the antique market and the items themselves. The ability to determine their value quickly and accurately is a skill that comes with extensive experience.


If you’re unsure, or want to stay on the safe side, remember that professional fairs and relationships with dealers are likely to deliver more trustworthy results as you expand your antique collection.