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More is More: Maximalism


Over the last year, trends such as eclecticism and maximalism have taken on a life of their own in multiple domains, from fashion to interior design and even to baking. Here at Violet Grey, customers are using beautiful and unique antiques to bring a feel of maximalism to their gardens.


Maximalism for antique garden furniture


The definition of maximalism, “In the arts, maximalism, a reaction against minimalism, is an aesthetic of excess. The philosophy can be summarised as ‘more is more’, contrasting with the minimalist motto ‘less is more’.” When it comes to the garden, maximalism can be interpreted in a number of ways. From an explosion of colours, blooms and textures in your borders, to decorative pieces nestled in corners or nooks – drawing the eye. These trends became increasingly popular during the pandemic, with people looking to their outdoor space as an oasis, to surround themselves in an abundance of belongings, beautiful art and plants – escapism at its best.


This spring and summer, Violet Grey believes that the maximalism trend will continue to grow as we begin to move outdoors after the winter. With a beautiful selection of pots and planters and antique garden furniture, Violet Grey’s impressive collection perfectly fits into this maximalist aesthetic. The mix of solid and weathered antiques contrasted to the soft leaves or blooms of the garden represents the maximalism trend beautifully. More is more!


Caryl Tincknell with pots and planters from Violet Grey


Caryl Tincknell, Violet Grey Founder comments: “Antiques can offer beautiful decorative touches to gardens, a way to draw the eye to a focal point, a unique twist on the traditional garden pieces. We’re seeing more and more customers creating bold and fantastical gardens, with a maximalist look and feel - mixing colours, textures, shapes and materials. Our pieces at Violet Grey work so well with this trend, the ornate patterns and textures, the weathered effects, the patinas - these alongside perennials, trees, or annual flowering plants create a wonderful eclectic mix in the garden that is very on trend at the moment.”