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Should You Invest In Garden Antiques?


Opting for antiques over brand-new items not only adds a touch of timeless charm to your garden, but can also be a good financial investment. New purchases often depreciate quickly and antiques tend to hold their value remarkably well. If you’re planning to invest in garden antiques, consider the following key factors that may help your purchase decision.


1. Rarity


The rarest antiques will be ones that were produced in small numbers or made by specialist foundries/artisans who only commissioned a few pieces


2. Quality


The highest quality antiques will be very well made, and any refurbishment or repairs should match this quality. The higher the quality of your antique, the higher your return.


3. Provenance


Having information about previous ownership, use, or maker adds value to antique pieces, as part of the allure is the story that accompanies them. For example, original brochures that can date purchases.


4. Trends


If an item does not fit the latest trends (regardless of quality, age, or rarity) the price can fall. For example, the trend towards minimalistic interiors has caused less demand for antique ornaments.


5. Sustainability


Acquiring pre-owned items such as antiques is the ultimate environmentally friendly purchasing option, as they reduce the need for newly manufactured products and have a carbon footprint that is 16x smaller than their modern equivalents.


Investing in garden antiques can be extremely rewarding as they help to decorate your space, adding character to your home. Further, they allow you to curate a space based on your individual tastes. Whether for investment, aesthetics or sentimental reasons, sourcing an antique piece will add character beyond anything bought new.